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øjeRum - The Blossoming Of The Nothingness Trees

  • øjeRum - The Blossoming Of The Nothingness Trees
  • øjeRum - The Blossoming Of The Nothingness Trees
  • øjeRum - The Blossoming Of The Nothingness Trees

The Blossoming of the Nothingness Trees is absent while being present, a deep inhalation and its subsequent emptying. It's the way of all things, the way it’s always been, the side-by-side symmetry of yin and yang forming perfect circles within circles. With life comes death, and the sunshine of the day will always give way to the loneliness of the night. Recorded in a single take, the music is paradoxically blank and yet substantial, the cello eternally echoing through the ether and the bow ghosting back and forth. Like the first curves of ink on page one, the cello slowly begins to inscribe its sound in eternal stone; once carved and created, it's already there, alive.

øjeRum (a compound of the Danish words 'øje', meaning ‘eye’, and ‘Rum’, meaning ‘Room’) placed his cello on a table beside him and used two bows at the same time. The hesitant opening’s like a newborn child desperately inhaling gulps of oxygen, and this gives the music a very natural aura that's deepened by the cello's human-like register. The music is pulled deep into the lungs. The bows are giving birth to new life, the single, slow sweep gliding across the cello’s pregnant body. These trees are simultaneously blossoming and failing, the leaves blushing and then withering away.

As the strings resonate, shades of light illuminate segments of the cello. From out of nowhere, swirling galaxies and constellations appear, catching the attention of the eye. Everything in being is vibrating, and so it's the case here. The Blossoming of the Nothingness Trees is as concrete as stone and yet as intangible as a phantom; music that is there and music that will never be. The music is a vapour trail in the sky, drifting like smoke into the invisible gaps that separate existence from absence. It's perceptive philosophy as well as music. It swells and fades before returning to its incorporeal home…the silence, the nothingness. These transparent trees are yet to take root even as its leaves fall.


Audio/Field recordings: øjeRum
Collage/Prints: øjeRum
Poetry: øjeRum
Mastering James Plotkin


- 4 panel letter-pressed covers
- Glass mastered (not CD-R) CD
- 16 x collage prints on luxury acquerello card
- 4 x poetry prints on luxury acquerello card
- Vintage (early 1900's) Taylor's merchant seed packets
- Dried leaf
- Incense
- Hand tagged/numbered/typed
- All of the above rests inside stitched/sealed glassine bags
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