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Kirill Nikolai - Letting Go Variations

  • Kirill Nikolai - Letting Go Variations
  • Kirill Nikolai - Letting Go Variations

Subdued strings sculpted out of sadness walk on by in 'Letting Go Variations'. The near-silent swells are slow and almost elegiac, their tender tones tugging at the yearning of an unfinished heart that isn't afraid of sending its love out into the wild. The resulting music is a dying rose, a love letter written in notes to someone who never received or returned that love. 'Letting Go Variations' is a haunted recording; not of a spirit, but of a tired soul.

And so the black and white tones walk on, drifting through the empty, monochromatic streets, longingly looking at lovers from afar; without envy, just a thoughtful kind of loneliness. Dressed in a thick jacket to protect itself from the colder spells of thought, they are elegant, ponderous, and even though the slowly surging notes are exceptionally beautiful, they're nonetheless on the verge of giving up - of letting go completely. Colour has been sucked out of the sky in these requiems for the heart...

'Letting Go Variations' is presented as a low run deluxe limited edition customised package that includes:

- 2 x mini CD
- 2 x circular coloured / hand stamped covers
- 15 x miniature prints on luxury Gesso card
- Antique (early 1900's) engraved/embossed book from the Little Leather Library collection
- 1 x library card print
- Dried flower
- Scented
- All of the above rests inside tagged/typed/stitched/sealed waxed bags
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Kirill Nikolai is a musician and composer currently based in Seattle, Washington. He has released music on various international recording labels including Tonefloat (NL), Fluid Audio (UK), Ho Hum Records (UK), Reverb Worship (UK), and others.

“Letting Go Variations” was recorded in Seattle, Washington during late Summer of 2015. String arrangements by Kirill Nikolai with the assistance of Daniel Salwt.

As always frequencies are mastered to perfection by James Plotkin