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Gideon Wolf - Year Zero

  • Gideon Wolf - Year Zero
  • Gideon Wolf - Year Zero
  • Gideon Wolf - Year Zero

I would like to first thank the musicians involved on this album who in no particular order are; Yoon-Ji Kim, Alex Taylor, Steph Patten, Gabi 'Moog' Matzeu, Neath Champion-Weeks and Rachel Champion.

It's not often you get the trust of another musician to allow a process/improvisation to unravel in the studio and then for that musician to freely give over that material to you to use. For that faith and trust I honestly owe a huge debt of gratitude to Gabi Matzeu (or Mr Moog) for his support and brilliant creative input on this and my previous album Near Dark. You Sir are the man!

To Steph, Alex and Yoon-Ji for having the patience, trust and undoubted music ability when often asked to play incoherent and strange phrases/notes, trusting that I would hopefully turn those notes and phrases into something interesting...thank you! Turning now to my crazily creative and talented family I also want to thank my daughter Neath for adding her beautiful voice to this album, Rachel my partner in life and work, who in all creative endeavors is the person happy to listen to endless music day and night, pestered constantly to give opinions (good, bad, start again). I owe it all and more to her for being my secret editor! Lastly I think an honorary mention also need go to my son Reuben for being the dude; next time I will do my best to get some of his guitar involved! Big thanks also to James for mastering this album and pulling out those details and layers so beautifully.

This is my 4th album release since 2012 and I have encountered some fantastic people, real heroes in this small but necessary world of independent record labels. The biggest of these and one who deserves massive thanks is Dan Crossley at Fluid Audio for his unstinting support of my music. I'm not sure I have enough adequate words to describe how brilliant he has been and how open he is to releasing and promoting my music and others in this genre. Suffice to say this would definitely not be out there and being listened to if it wasn't for Dan....massive, massive props to you sir!

I hope you, the listener, enjoy this record and as always huge thanks for supporting my work and Fluid Audio, and for keeping this industry of underground music alive and kicking! - Gideon Wolf


Cello - Steph Patten
Violin – Alex Taylor
Violin – Yoon-Ji Kim
Voice - Neath Champion-Weeks, Rachel Champion
Moog/Juno/SH101/Prophet - Gabi ‘Moog’ Matzeu
Mastering - James Plotkin

Track list:

1. Disquiet
2. Falling
3. Scratch
4. Insect
5. Limits
6. Oblivion
7. Exposed
8. Absence
9. Year Zero
10. Noise
11. Nova