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Hummingbird - Glade

  • Hummingbird - Glade
  • Hummingbird - Glade

The mysterious Hummingbird returns…

Napoleonic naturalist René Primevère Lesson is best remembered for his monographs; the first European to document living birds of paradise.

Sir William Jardine is known for his editing of a long series of natural history books, The Naturalist's Library.

Chilean diplomat Pablo Naruda wrote his poetry in green, to symbolize desire and hope.

All were inspired by the smallest of bird, with wings that move at a frequency inaudible to humans.

“… your Epiphany, little supreme being, you are a miracle, shimmering…”

As always, musical frequencies are layered masterfully by James Plotkin. Limited edition packaging includes hand crafted letterpresses 4 panel covers, glass mastered CD, 9 x René Primevère prints in glassine bags, A5 print (signed by Hummingbird), printed poem, inserts from original antique 1st edition 1833 ’Naturalist’s Library’ books and pressed/scented lavender flowers. All hand numbered/tagged and sealed in stitched glassine bags.

"...From scarlet to dusty gold,
to yellow flames,
to the rare
ashen emerald,
to the orange and black velvet
of our girdle gilded by sunflowers,
to the sketch
amber thorns,
your Epiphany,
little supreme being,
you are a miracle,