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Hotel Neon - Remnants

  • Hotel Neon - Remnants
  • Hotel Neon - Remnants

There was an overwhelming stillness and comfort amidst the desolation…

Whilst Hotel Neon’s debut album was born of chaos and strife, “Remnants” is a tribute to sentiment - a nostalgic reflection on memories, inspired by a road trip to Iceland in 2015.

The album also sees a marked development in the group’s sound: the addition of Steven Kemner to twin brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer fills textured corners with robust intricacy. Their circumnavigation of the Ring Road is filled with longing for bygone memories, field recordings and layers of texture from a wide variety of sources.

Mastered with arctic clarity by Taylor Deupree, 'Remnants' is old-school Fluid drone with a melodic heart.


- 4 panel letter-pressed covers
- Glass mastered CD
- 5 x luxury single sided prints
- Inserts from a 19th century 'Visit To Iceland' book
- Photo booklet of Iceland
- Dried barley
- Glassine bags
- Scent
- Download code
- Hand numbered/taged/typed
- Housed in stitched glassine bags


Hotel Neon is Andrew Tasselmyer, Michael Tasselmyer, and Steven Kemner
All tracks were recorded, produced, and mixed by them
Mastering by Taylor Deupree (12k)
Additional textures on “Cascading” by Andy Othling