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Tape Loop Orchestra - GSTTLOATYL

  • Tape Loop Orchestra - GSTTLOATYL
  • Tape Loop Orchestra - GSTTLOATYL

“Work with the intention of slowly fading from sight.”

Returning to the light from the darkness of 2012’s ‘In a Lonely Place’, The Tape Loop Orchestra and Facture present ‘Go Straight To The Light Of All That You Love’, a landmark intersection of music and visual media. Interrogating the contradictory dualism in the life that inspires art, this unique project displays the panoramic influence of Ozu, Neuer Deutscher Film, Weldon Kees and Yves Klein, as well as forming of a larger arch with TLO’s ongoing body of work.

“Distortions are inherent to representation.”

Examining the multiple philosophical strands found 'In Search Of The Miraculous' - Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader’s intended trio of art actions, P D Ouspensky's book of the same name, Gurdjieff's early teachings - TLO pay homage to the artist’s continual search, even when the camera isn’t looking; searching for miracles, or simply an answer to the metaphysical why…

If life is art, can the artist decide where art ends and art life begins? Can they co-exist in one form? Do we celebrate the art or the artist?

“Death isn’t about judgement, it collects us all.”

As with all TLO releases, the material was recorded after development in live performance, with the new approach of using multi-track control over trademark tape disintegration for the first time. Edited, sequenced and mastered by James Plotkin for both CD and vinyl, with both formats offering different versions of the same work, ‘Go Straight To The Light Of All That You Love’ is an ambitious and densely rewarding entry in a sequence that fiercely questions the collective human failure to unravel complexity.


- Deluxe 4 panel gatefold vinyl printed on reverse board

- Printed inner sleeves

- Clear (seethrough) vinyl

- Letter-pressed (handmade) CD cover

- Glass mastered (not CD-R) CD

- 16 page photographic booklet

- 2 x limited edition prints

- CD/Booklet/Prints all rest inside hand stiched/sealed oversized glassine bags

- Hand Tagged/Typed/Individually numbered

- All of the above rests inside sealed oversized black metallic photographic bags

- Download code

- Scent

- CD and vinyl hold different recordings of the material


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