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Squanto - Every Night Draws the Same Crowd

  • Squanto - Every Night Draws the Same Crowd

We instantly feel in love with the Squanto sound from way back in early 2012 when Ben sent over an early demo for what is now known as 'Every Night Draws the Same Crowd'. We knew this was going to be a very special album, and one that has been close to our heart...

The photographic prints that come with the album are taken from a trip to North Wales (Snowdonia National Park). This location was always in Dan's mind for the album... The beauty and mystery that encapsulates Snowdonia seemed the perfect fit for the Squanto sound so off we went in the van with camera in hand.


Limited edition of 100 copies includes...

*Letter-pressed craft CD covers
*Large (220mm x 220mm) letter-pressed craft envelopes with song lyrics
*Letter-pressed print insert with hand written message on back (hand numbered)
*20 (huge 210mm x 210mm) printed images of Snowdonia National Park (printed on think 280gm luxury card)
*Archival numbered/typed photographic paper
*Pine cone from trip
*Download code...
*All tagged/numbered


Squanto is Ben Lovell from New York. Ben has been releasing his home-recorded experimental folk music on small-run CD-Rs and tapes since 2009, primarily on his own Lily Tapes & Discs, but also on other labels including Rok Lok Records, Diving Station, and now Fluid Audio.

This album was written and recorded 2011-2013 between bedrooms at school and at home, inspired and informed by long aimless walks through familiar neighborhoods in the dark, trying to pretend that eventually there would be something different behind the houses.

Music by Ben Lovell, drums on "To the Grid and Back" by Sean Kelly. Thanks to everyone in Rochester and LI and everywhere else for your friendship and support, and thanks to Dan for making this release possible.