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Matteo Uggeri - Four Steps on Points

  • Matteo Uggeri - Four Steps on Points

‘Four Steps on Points’ by Matteo Uggeri is a paean to mobility, by way of diverted honeymoon. After a painful recovery from a spinal hernia on the eve of his wedding, Uggeri collected field recordings in Italy, string samples from Franz Krostopovic and reworked tracks from other recordings to assemble the EP.

Commissioned specially for Fluid Audio, the multilayered spaces of ‘Four Steps on Points’ are gracious thanks to Uggeri’s collaborators; medical, musical and personal.

Limited edition of 70 copies includes...

*Letter-pressed CD covers
*Letter-pressed and hand typed/numbered/tagged craft envelopes
*Letter-pressed print insert (hand numbered)
*10 printed images by historic painters/artists of the Parma, Italy region
*Archival numbered/typed photographic paper
*Lavender/scent from the Crossley allotment
*Download code...
*All tagged/numbered


Conceived, assembled and mixed by Matteo Uggeri in 2010-2011.
Mastered by Ian Hawgood in 2013.
Design by Daniel Crossley

Thanks to: all the musician involved, Gianmarco del Re, William Rossin, Nuno Moita, all the healthcare assistants, physiotherapists and doctors, ozone, METID Centre and Dan Crossely.

Love to: Andrea Ferraris, Maurizio Maioli, Ornella Amonini, Ettore Guatelli, all my wedding guests and Gaia.