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øjeRum - Cette Mer Qui Est En Toi

  • øjeRum - Cette Mer Qui Est En Toi
  • øjeRum - Cette Mer Qui Est En Toi
  • øjeRum - Cette Mer Qui Est En Toi

We are delighted to announce the return of øjeRum to the record label! His latest album 'Cette Mer Qui Est En Toi' is a sublime piece of music wherein synapses are formed and strands of ambient DNA are woven together, creating intricate electronic soundscapes.

Cette Mer Qui Est En Toi is an organic, biological lifeform. Coming in at an hour and twelve minutes, øjeRum's long-form piece is split into three parts for its 3 x CD release. Slowly flowering into being, biology and nature are at work within its ambient folds. Recorded live and with little editing, the morphing ambient music retains its natural state; the music is able to breathe. Blending organic plant life with nature and the botanical world, øjeRum’s music is growing, organic, and conscious, similar to a lush, dense jungle, and one that’s constantly branching outwards. Swelling drones resemble the rustling, wave-like rhythms of its foliage, and streams of light occasionally burst into being.

Included within are 50 exclusive A6 artwork prints from the artist, along with glass slides, wild pressed flowers, and page inserts from a vintage 1837 Botany book. The artwork fits in well with the theme of the music, and the wild flowers from the glass slides are able to sit beside the stunning beauty of human creation, which also shot up from the soil. Like the first seed, both nature and humankind were originally enveloped in the dust of the Earth.

Sharing other similarities with nature’s flowering creation, øjeRum’s undulating, flourishing music is light, delicate, and inclines towards the sunlight, bending towards it. Nothing can inhibit or stop its progress, or its slow-but-steady evolution. The music is calming as it experiences highs and lows without emotional attachment, instead of becoming tangled in its frequent turbulence and noisy currents. Humanity coexists with nature, but every living thing has a lifespan. The music accepts that, as there is a beginning, there must also come an end.

Made by hand,

50 x A6 prints (105 × 148 mm)
Hand numbered double sided print
Luxury string tied photographic gusset envelopes
Vintage Nature Botanical Wild Flower glass slide
Vintage (1837) insert: A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants
3 x CD
Dried flower
Belly band
Stamped/Hand numbered/Scented
Limited edition: 100 copies

Made with love...


Music: øjeRum
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Print design: øjeRum
Print layout: Craig Tattersall
Packaging design: Daniel Crossley