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Grotta Veterano - Unfolding Drama

  • Grotta Veterano - Unfolding Drama
  • Grotta Veterano - Unfolding Drama
  • Grotta Veterano - Unfolding Drama
  • Grotta Veterano - Unfolding Drama
  • Grotta Veterano - Unfolding Drama

A series of solitary improvisations make up the fabric of Unfolding Drama. The term ‘solitary’ is at the heart of its being, as the music is uniform in its tone, shape, and appearance. All of its music stems from one single tone, cut from the same cloth. Unfolding Drama’s tracks are similar in tonality and tempo, which makes it feel like a biographical release, and in turn leads to a cohesive sound. Its music is composed of chapters, and they all detail one life, a single childhood, which grows up and changes with the seasons while still occupying the same body, personality, and soul.

The solitary is often thought of in a negative light, but Grotta Veterano’s solitary and spacious music unfurls with patience, and perhaps even kindness. Scene after scene, its old melodies form a strong dialect with memory, looking back on a departed youth and an era turned to dust. The music plays out from the same house, echoing out from the same piano.

These quiet sounds are built around space. In fact, space and distance ‘create the architecture of each individual track and of the album in its entirety’. What follows is a record of composure and grace, sensitive in not only remembering and embracing the past and where it came from, but continuing to echo it.


Made by hand,

1 x vintage (circa:1880-1950) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled / screwed / bolted together into CD covers
1 x glass mastered CD (Not CDR)
15 - 20 pages of writing / images
20 x A7 polaroid prints on luxury uncoated paper (designed by Craig Tattersall)
1 x library card
2 x vintage family photographs
1 x vintage book-mark
1 x vintage numbered photo negative
1 x antique 35mm glass slide
1 x Incense
Stamped / hand numbered / scented
All of the above rests inside stitched / sealed glassine bags
Download code (includes 35 PDF prints)
Limited to 150 copies

Made with love...



Music: Grotta Veterano
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Print design: Craig Tattersall
Packaging design: Daniel Crossley
Thanks: Mikula Lullwitz