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James Osland & Andrew Heath - Elysian Fields

  • James Osland & Andrew Heath - Elysian Fields

This beautiful collaboration between Andrew Heath and James Osland places itself in a dense, fog-like, woven landscape and charts paths that reveal slow moving cloud-like structures and motifs. Informed by muted modular tones, ethereal guitar work and sparse piano with found-sounds and field recordings that dance around the dense air and leaves the listener in a cocooned, dreamlike state.

Elysian Fields is the pair’s second release. They were drawn together by a mutual respect for each others work in the ambient music field. Both are UK based artists. Andrew having released several albums and EPs on Disco Gecko, Whitelabrecs, Rusted Tone Recordings, Elm Records and Chihei Hatakeyama’s Japanese label, White Paddy Mountain. He has collaborated with among others, the legendary Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dutch ambient guitarist, Anne Chris Bakker and electronica artist, Banco de Gaia. James Osland not only runs the boutique cassette label, Elm Records but releases as an artist in his own right having worked with such labelsu as Unknown Tone Records, Whitelabrecs, Flaming Pines and Rusted Tone Recordings to name a few. His work seeks to explore our relationships with sound, memory and place through a variety of different sonic processes.

Both artists continue to quietly work on material together so expect more from this wellspring of beautiful and dreamlike work.

Mastered by Alex at quiet details studios
Design by Daniel Crossley

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