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Giuseppe Cordaro & Marco Giambrone - Alico

  • Giuseppe Cordaro & Marco Giambrone - Alico

The artistic collaboration between Giuseppe Cordaro and Marco Giambrone is an immersion into sonic exploration, born from the convergence of distinct musical perspectives and backgrounds. Despite living in distant cities, both share roots firmly planted in a remote mountainous village in Sicily, a wild terrain that has shaped their work.

The focal point of this musical journey is the Platani River, known in ancient times as Alico (derived from 'Halykòs,' which means 'salty' in Greek). It's from this river that the entire concept takes shape and evolves, following its sinuous course from the source to its mouth in the sea. Each track of the album is named after the river's tributaries, often little more than thin streams of water that dry up in the summer, leaving muddy beds. This intricate and sensitive path culminates with the Alico River finally merging into the Mediterranean Sea, embracing Capo Bianco.

These wild and captivating places have been the source of inspiration for the two musicians, who decided to capture the sensations experienced during their explorations and transform them into a sonic journey. Water, rock, sand, and the vibrant life along the riverbanks are transfigured by modular synths, guitars, and field recordings.

The album was created by adopting an instinctive and authentic approach, avoiding overdubs to favor the genuine essence of analog instruments. The result is a sonic journey that captures the raw and magnetic essence of these places, transforming visual suggestions into an immersive and engaging auditory experience. Listening to this work, one is immersed in a sonic world that mirrors the irregular beauty and wild vitality of the Sicilian landscape, uniting past and present in timeless sonic snapshots.

Written by Giuseppe Cordaro e Marco Giambrone
Recorded by Giuseppe Cordaro at Home Studio Boschi di Puianello - Marco Giambrone at Home Studio San Giovanni Gemini
Mixed by Marco Giambrone
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi


Giuseppe Cordaro : Modular Synthesizer, Programming, Field recordings, (AL)chemy
Marco Giambrone: Guitars, Effects, Autoharp, Solina

"Platanis oritur inter Castrum Novum et Cammaratam, novi nominis oppida, ex parvis quidem fontibus"