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Emmanuel Witzthum - The Garden of Eternal Echoes

  • Emmanuel Witzthum - The Garden of Eternal Echoes
  • Emmanuel Witzthum - The Garden of Eternal Echoes
  • Emmanuel Witzthum - The Garden of Eternal Echoes
  • Emmanuel Witzthum - The Garden of Eternal Echoes
  • Emmanuel Witzthum - The Garden of Eternal Echoes

"Gradual sunrise over
the garden of eternal echoes
rain starts to fall"

As Spring gradually unveils the bloom of summer, we welcome back Emmanuel Witzthum to the record label. His latest offering 'The Garden of Eternal Echoes' blossoms in the beautiful 'Book Editions' series. Old books are once again dissected and re-assembled into book-bound CD covers. Packaging includes CD, vintage reel to reel cuttings from a botanical documentary, A6 limited edition prints from the William Morris Kensington Exhibition, hand numbered William Morris double sided A6 print (all printed on luxury 250grm stock), library cards, old photos, glass celluloid negatives, dried flowers, etc. As always, truly limited edition... each copy hand numbered / stamped; completely unique. Limited to 100 copies!

The Garden of Eternal Echoes is a peaceful shrine to the botanical world, and its jade-infused ambient music leans towards the light. A gradual flowering is taking place, and the garden has been seeded in calming ambient interludes and longer pieces that grow more steadily.

Muted, earth-born notes grow like the thirsty tentacles that make up crawling vines, wrapping around the ambient atmosphere, slowly taking over its garden.

Emmanuel Witzthum has always taken a great deal of care with his ambient designs, and they mirror the astonishing symmetrical artwork of a flower along with their delicacy and outpourings of love, each one seemingly unique and individually coloured by a higher power.

The artwork, courtesy of William Morris, also reflects this symphonic garden with a selection of floral designs and the use of prints. Releasing with the album are a collection of vintage botanical and gardening books and glass slides. The CD covers have been taken over as well, becoming enveloped in old books, similar to the way that an alien plant from the golden age of science fiction would take over new terrain and claim it for its own. The gestating ambient falls almost drip-like onto its leaf-strewn floor. But its echoes are eternal and this garden has no set length or width; much like its music, it goes on forever.

Made by hand,

1 x Vintage (circa:1888-1957) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled into CD covers)

1 x mastered CD

10 - 15 pages of writing / images

Page inserts from vintage William Morris - The Earthly Paradise / Our Hardy Flowers / Primulas

12 x William Morris Kensington Exhibition A6 prints on luxury paper 250grm

1 x A6 double sided William Morris portrait (hand numbered)

1 x Stamped library card

1 x Vintage photograph (circa; 1908-1945)

1 x Vintage book-mark

1 x Vintage reel to reel cutting from a botanical documentary

1 x 35mm glass slide

Dried flowers

Stamped / hand numbered

Download code (includes audio, 13 PDF prints, library card)

Limited to 100 copies

Made with love...



Artist: Emmanuel Witzthum
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Print layout: Craig Tattersall
Label: Fluid Audio

Emmanuel Witzthum: Piano, vocals, electronics and dusts

Thanks to Rain, Craig, Itamar