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Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem - Duets

  • Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem - Duets
  • Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem - Duets
  • Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem - Duets
  • Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem - Duets

If the majority of “lockdown albums” in 2020 were marked by introspection and solitary effort, Chris Bartels (Blurstem, Elskavon) and Andrew Tasselmyer (Hotel Neon, Gray Acres) took a different path in creating 'Duets.'

Looking beyond their own four walls for inspiration, they began a dialogue with musical fragments – specifically, a file folder of late night felted piano recordings from Bartels in Minnesota that eventually found their way into the samplers, loopers, and digital tools of Tasselmyer in Pennsylvania.

Over several weeks, these 'Duets' eventually grew from a set of loose ideas and improvisational concepts into a unified album of seven songs, all made originally from homemade piano recordings but embellished to varying degrees with violin, synthesiser, and voice along the way.

Analog mastering from Ian Hawgood preserves the raw, immediate nature of the original home recordings that began the conversation.

'Duets' makes its home with the ever popular 'Book Editions' series. Vintage books dissected, re-assembled and re-structured into book-bound CD covers...

Made by hand,

1 x vintage (circa:1894-1953) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled into CD covers)
2 x mastered CD
10 / 15 pages of writing / images
2 x page inserts from 1920's vintage piano score book
10 x limited edition A6 prints on luxury paper 250grm designed by Craig Tattersall
1 x stamped library card
1 x vintage photograph (circa; 1902-1941)
1 x vintage book-mark
1 x rare 8mm cine film reel strip: New York Worlds Fair (circa.58)
1 x vintage 35mm glass slide (1950s family cruise)
Stamped / hand numbered
Download code (includes audio, 15 PDF prints, library card)
Limited to 100 copies

Made with love...


Artist: Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Print layout / edits: Craig Tattersall
Design: Daniel Crossley
Label: Fluid Audio