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Wil Bolton - Marram (Deluxe Edition)

  • Wil Bolton - Marram (Deluxe Edition)

Inspired by the windswept Scottish highlands, ‘Marram' is three things:

Will Bolton’s new album for Fluid Audio, a long grass that holds sand dunes together and a palindrome...

Born of loops taken from vintage classical records, with parts sourced from classical guitar, glockenspiel, chime bars and analogue monosynth, ‘Marram’ also features clarinet by Edward Farrow and violin by Christoph Berg.

These crackling drones and overlapping textures form both a development and departure for Bolton, with an uncharacteristic absence of field recordings. Instead, it sees a confident expansion into densely arranged modern classical/electro-acoustic elements.

Immersive, layered and moving, ‘Marram’ is a maudlin calm to an inner dialogue’s storm.


Deluxe edition of one includes:

- Vintage box of original glass negatives totaling 49 from the 1900s.

- All negatives measure 4.25" x 3.25". They are wrapped in vintage paper and rest inside their original wooden dove tailed box.

- A complete Victorian OS map dated from the 1890's.

- Letter-pressed 4 panel Somerset Cotton cover

- Letter-pressed Somerset Cotton belly band

- Letter-pressed envelope

- Hand typed-numbered tag

- Vintage 1940s original cut out map of Scotland

- Vintage 1950s original photo slide of Scotland

- Distressed glassine bags

- Glass mastered CD

- Dried flowers (Red Rowan)

- Scent

- Download code