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Und_Ne - Chapters

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  • Und_Ne - Chapters
  • Und_Ne - Chapters

Fragility is at the heart of Chapters, an album of homespun piano soundscapes. The music is capable of breaking hearts. There’s a delicate feeling to its grove of notes, their glass-like tones appearing as clear and transparent sounds of quiet humility, youthful with flushes of wild beauty, but these sounds are all the more delicate thanks to their beautiful appearances. They’re easily breakable, and good looks only go so far. Physical appearances continue to alter with every new sunset, whereas a good heart never ages. Chapters seems to age as it progresses, a natural trajectory that passes through the higher tempo of childhood and ends with the slower walk of the elderly. The difference in mood and tempo is quite a shock, but the shift is gradual.

Life is fragile. Relationships are fragile, too. One moment, all is well. A second later, everything can come crashing down, so Chapters chooses to embrace the moment: it's music for the moment, living in the present. People come in and out of our lives. Some stay for a long time. Others are there for a mere season. They’re all a part of different chapters.These notes understand, admire, and respect the fact. The delicate nature results in a deeper listening experience; they won't be around forever.

Free-flowing melodies pour out of the piano. The music isn’t created – it’s already there, in the silence, waiting to be ushered out by way of unrestricted-yet-controlled improvisation. These notes are carried with care, and they dry up the deeper we go, until, in the penultimate piece, a chasm of silence stretches out between the notes. Perhaps this chapter marks one of remembrance, or perhaps it lies in a slumber of perpetual mourning. It has the power to leave you in a mess. But like gaps in dialogue and lulls between good friends, these silences are comfortable. From the opening excitable flurry (a musical courtship) to a finale of rest (an ending), its heart has never stopped caring.

'Chapters' features a brand new design season within the Fluid Audio label that will be known as the 'Book Editions' series. Beautiful vintage books have been cut up, re-assembled and re-structured into book-bound CD covers, highlighting the theme of fragility within the new series. Each edition will also feature delicate prints, old library cards, stamps and book-marks. Definitely something for fans of the Cotton Goods record label era!


Made by hand,

Every now and then we like to come up with something a little different and the design for 'Chapters' is probably our favour project from a design perspective sine the label started out! We have collected vintage (circa:1860-1950) hardback clothbound books that have been re-assembled into CD covers using luxury binding cloth. Each copy also includes 30-40 pages of writing held in place with book-binding screws, 9 x luxury A7 prints, library cards, 2 x stamped CD and vintage book-marks. Stamped / hand numbered / scented. All of the above rests inside stitched / sealed wax bags. Truly delicate and beautiful in every sense of the word!

This new edition / design will be a much lower run than normal (100 for the world) due to the time taken to make them. Unfortunately this does mean they will not hang around for long!

Made with love...


Music written, recorded and produced by und_ne
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Design by Daniel Crossley

Recorded in 2018 at Un temps, Un Lieu