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Tape Loop Orchestra - In A Lonely Place

  • Tape Loop Orchestra - In A Lonely Place

“I Was Born When She Kissed Me”

Inspired by three lines of dialogue from the Humphrey Bogart 1950 classic, ‘In A Lonely Place’ is the surgical exploration of a classic era noir: a descent from glittering surface tension to sinister murky depth. As with all Tape Loop Orchestra releases, the theme is one of decay – a certain blurred focus disintegrating into fragile remembered phrases, echoing the "film’s dive from romantic optimism into malevolent violence.

“I Died When She Left Me”

In a textbook example of art mirroring life, the album’s script within a script reflects the tension and emotion of the film director Nicolas Ray was directing his then wife Gloria Grahame during the breakdown of their relationship. Recorded and edited by Andrew Hargreaves over three months on a modified 4-track and walkman loop, these three powerful and precise pieces from one side of a C90 are proudly brought to you on a limited edition 300 run on 180gm vinyl by Facture. Mastered in black and white widescreen by James Plotkin, the stunning packaging features hand numbered heavy-duty gatefold and printed inner sleeves designed by Craig Tattersall, photography by Joe Borreson, hand numbered/stamped A2 collage poster designed by Alice Clarke, hand numbered cut out ACD Sleeve CD with inserts, 12 x 12 heavy card stock print, download code, plus scent and extras.

“I Lived A Few Weeks While She Loved Me”