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Still Light - A Love Theme For The Wilderness (Deluxe Edition)

  • Still Light - A Love Theme For The Wilderness (Deluxe Edition)

A 'one off' special piece of history...

'By the time the summer came
a thousand lines had been
etched upon our faces,'

Hiraeth is a Welsh word meaning “a homesickness for a place you cannot return to, or that never was”; emotional residue tied to place, how memory ties to that landscape of first impression.

'and in the space between
May's end and your leaving
all that sounded
was the howling of frogs.'

‘A Love Theme For The Wilderness’ by Still Light is 35 minutes of real time downtempo improvisation edited into a cohesive whole, an immediate reaction from different contributors, sampled and arranged.

'The hushed
steady violence of that river,
humming along
starless and black'

- Vintage collection of 8 x cloth bound maps

- Original vintage map case

- 2 x CD

- Letter-pressed 4 panel Somerset cotton cover

- Boxed vintage map measurer

- 8 x vintage photo slides

- Hand written poem

- Hand typed feather

- Scent

- Wild flower