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Slow Reels - Sustain

  • Slow Reels - Sustain

Ian Hawgood and James Murray began Slow Reels in 2018 from studios in London and Warsaw. The early work involved exchanging heavily modulated long-form textures, recorded on a variety of instruments, notably vintage synths. Reiterative digital manipulations and successive destructive passes through an end-of-life reel-to-reel tape setup resulted in a collection of entirely unrepeatable drone suites.

Their debut Farewell Islands for Morr Music was met with widespread critical acclaim. Sustain, presented now by Fluid Audio, extends the force of this uncompromising aesthetic further, as the artists’ shared medium further degenerates into overwhelming, full-frequency emotion.

Music: Slow Reels (Ian Hawgood & James Murray)
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Design Daniel Crossley


Made by hand,

Book Editions' series. Vintage books dissected, re-assembled and re-structured into book-bound CD covers...

1 x Vintage (circa:1890-1958) hardback clothbound book (re-assembled into CD covers)
1 x CD (full size)
15 Pages of writing / image inserts
12 x edited polaroid prints on luxury uncoated paper (250grm)
1 x Stamped / numbered library card
1 x Vintage photograph (circa; 1902-1946)
1 x Vintage book-mark
1 x Vintage celluloid negative
1 x Vintage 35mm slide
1 x 35mm reel to reel audio strip
1 x vintage music score insert

Stamped / hand numbered / scented
Download code (includes 20 PDF prints)

Strictly limited edition: 100 copies (no two copies are the same)

Made with love...