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Orla Wren / Aaron Martin / Isnaj Dui - The Blizzard That Birthed Her

  • Orla Wren / Aaron Martin / Isnaj Dui - The Blizzard That Birthed Her

Offered as metaphor and delivered as analogy...

The Blizzard That Birthed Her is the continuing echo of this year’s Home Normal success, Book Of The Folded Forest. Birthed as two original Orla Wren tracks ‘Five Acre Ladder’ and ‘Mountains And Wishbones’ which were recorded in the same session, Tui then worked the cello, bass and vocals of Aaron Martin into two alternative versions of each track, making up the 4 tracks on the 10” vinyl for Facture.

He then offered the same to Isnaj Dui who contributed some flute for him to then create the two versions with her as guest. To complete the companion 8 track letter pressed CD version the two "reprise" versions were created by Tui utilizing parts from the other tracks.

Mastered precisely by James Plotkin, the project is released as a limited edition run of 300 copies designed by Daniel Crossley; 4 track 10” vinyl on reverse board heavy card with printed inner sleeves with designs by Montreal designer Urban9, download code, 8 track 4-panel letter pressed CDs with wrap-around letter pressed bands, 4 prints resting inside typed/numbered glassine photo bags, 2 x double sided large prints, pressed flowers, all resting inside large tagged/scented letter pressed envelopes with beautiful artwork again by Urban9.

To accompany the album an exclusive promo film was made for the track Five Acre Ladder (re-prise) by Lumacell. And a very special exclusive bonus track The Cup Of Remembered Things is also included as a free download.

A returned honour of growth and loss, this album complements her predecessor as an expressive companion piece requiring little explanation.