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K Nogami & Circa Alto - Oyasumi

  • K Nogami & Circa Alto - Oyasumi
  • K Nogami & Circa Alto - Oyasumi
  • K Nogami & Circa Alto - Oyasumi

In a musical exchange back and forth between Tokyo and Copenhagen, Kei Nogami (JP) and Mathias Lystbaek (DK) has the created the album Oyasumi. The album is centered around eclectic electroacoustic loops with the addition of piano, flute and cymbal. Oyasumi means ‘Goodnight’ in Japanese, and the music reflects the sleepy haze before dreaming, with repeated fragments of melodies reminiscent of childhood lullabies and music boxes. This quiet album is an exploration of looped and improvised material, suitable for tranquil moments and contemplative pauses.

- Kei Nogami (K Nogami): Loops, electronics, field recordings & found objects.

- Mathias Lystbaek (Circa Alto): Piano, flute, bass & cymbal.


Artist: K Nogami & Circa Alto
Album: Oyasumi
Composition & mix: Kei Nogami & Mathias Lystbaek
Mastering: Fields We Found
Cover photo: Kei Nogami
Label: Fluid Audio


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