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Gideon Wolf - Objects and Apparitions

  • Gideon Wolf - Objects and Apparitions
  • Gideon Wolf - Objects and Apparitions
  • Gideon Wolf - Objects and Apparitions
  • Gideon Wolf - Objects and Apparitions

Objects & Apparitions is the fifth Fluid Audio release for Gideon Wolf (Tristan Shorr). The music originally began as a score to British film All Those Things, which released in 2020. Directed by George Ravenscroft, the score for Objects & Apparitions sees Gideon Wolf’s first venture into feature-length film composition, and it rightfully stands on its own. 

Shorr's modern classical music is cinematic and weighty, like his previous output, but it adapts to the listener’s own set of images, projecting onto their own private screen.
The strings are direct and emotional, intimate yet deeply cinematic.

Raw repetitive phrases of rhythm and rosin textured scrapes give way to passages of mournful beauty. Neo-classical strings are arranged like pulsing electronics and pitched inflected sweeps sound like ambient textures.

This score has been made to appear and disappear, to pulse above and below the surface of the film, a breathing continuum of strings and fluttering electronics that are there to infiltrate even the silence.

It's all the more poignant for the accompanying photography, which includes 50 prints from Daniel Crossley, taken during a visit to an abandoned hospital. The images are tainted with loss and absence, dream-like images of a forgotten place and imagined histories. 

The dusty images sit seamlessly alongside Wolf's score where the film's visual narrative tells of a man's demise and disappearance, and ultimate loneliness, no one is present anymore. This loneliness is a place that breathes even in the emptiest of rooms and buildings and in these stills we feel them resonate alongside the music.


Made by hand,

Included within are 50 limited edition A6 artwork photography prints... these images have been resting, waiting for many years to find a suitable home. They have finally been unearthed to accompany Wolf's sonic exploration. Craig Tattersall has once again been called upon to work his gentle magic upon the images... light leaks, dusted loops and a sense of nostalgia bring the photography set to its final resting place. Also included, truly stunning 1/4 plate glass negatives (circa: 1910-1930). Extremely rare!

50 x A6 prints (105 × 148 mm) on luxury 200gsm card stock

1 x limited edition double sided print by Craig Tattersall on luxury 280gsm card stock

Luxury string tied photographic gusset envelopes

Vintage 1/4 Plate Glass Negatives (1910-1930)

1 x Glass mastered CD

Belly band

Stamped/Hand numbered/Scented

Limited edition: 150 copies

Download code (includes 70 PDF prints)

Limited to 150 copies

Made with love...


All tracks written / played by Gideon Wolf except
Track 10 (In the Wake) - cello by Tom Spencer
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Design by Daniel Crossley
Print layout / cover artwork by Craig Tattersall
Photography by Daniel Crossley