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Fabio Orsi - Vibra

  • Fabio Orsi - Vibra
  • Fabio Orsi - Vibra
  • Fabio Orsi - Vibra

Vibra looks back on a lifetime of travels. A holiday spent with family, a golden light in what felt like an endless summer, those things never die, even though the moment has gone. The memory will always be in the fabric of the past, waiting for a key to unlock it, just a fraction of a pinprick in the span of a lifetime, but a memory that will outshine (almost) everything else. If much of reality is spent succumbing to overcast weather, and dealing with events out of one’s control, then these moments are a halo of sunlight in the gloom, piercing clouds.

Now forever encapsulated in the past, those times are still capable of taking someone away on a journey and without leaving the room. Music is capable of that, too. On this record, sights, sounds, and seconds pour into the mind. Fabio Orsi’s Vibra shines with positivity and nothing but radiant love, standing up to the past and its want for obliteration by defying its potential to damage and its endless quest to bury the good times in amnesia and malaise. The bright drones act like guardians or gatekeepers, shielding the memories against the burgeoning deterioration one may find as one gets older. In reality, that treasured moment may have come and gone. But if it remains in the heart, doesn’t it mean it’s still alive, and still real?

At the time, a great deal of pleasure was gained, but this also heightened the ache of a loss. Nothing lasts forever. Life goes on, and Orsi’s music is thankful for the moment. A deep-seated gratitude swells up within the music’s revolving tones, which glimmer and sparkle like sunlight as it kisses the sea. Both Side A and Side B are warm and demonstrate Orsi’s remarkable abilities in manipulating and designing a world of bright sound. Distance is not only a physical measurement. One can feel it in the heart as one leaves something – a place, a year, a someone - behind. That chapter has closed, but it will always have a special place in the heart. Both pieces are able to reach out and touch that moment, feel the air, hear the street, smile along with that person, for one last time.

Old maps are worn and frayed at the edges, but they're also a symbol as to their use and their significance. They had their time - much used on a family holiday all those years ago - and they have aged along with the family, like folds and creases over worn skin. But the record is a strong and healthy one. It doesn’t seem to age at all. The photographs are still here, like old friends, and the record ends on a high note, a flourishing even in the face of erasure.

Recorded in Litoranea Salentina (Apulia, Italy) in august-september 2019
Fabio Orsi plays: synths, effects, laptop, samples.
Design by: Daniel Crossley
Print design by: Craig Tattersall


The design for this one is deeply personal, once again taking the listener back to times long forgotten. We return with the Map Series Editions; each order comes with a rare / vintage map detailing various locations in and around the UK, hand written / numbered antique glass slides, various ephemera travel documents relating to geographical destinations, A7/A5 prints and vintage photos. All of the above rests inside stamped see-through / string tied envelopes. Each copy is completely unique and different from the next. Truly limited edition! Most definitely for the collectors. Only 150 copies for the world!

Made by hand,

1 x vintage (circa:1890-1950) complete clothbound map (ordnance survey / street)
2 x hand stamped CDs
1 x vintage / antique glass slide (hand written notes / numbered)
1 x ephemera travel document
10 x A7 polaroid prints on luxury uncoated paper; designed by Craig Tattersall
1 x A5 print on luxury uncoated paper; designed by Craig Tattersall
1 x vintage photograph
Stamped / hand numbered / scented
All of the above rests inside see-through string tied luxury envelopes
Download code (includes 20 PDF prints)
Limited to 150 copies

Made with love...