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Erik Williamson - The Streets Are Quiet, But The Birds Very Loud

  • Erik Williamson - The Streets Are Quiet, But The Birds Very Loud
  • Erik Williamson - The Streets Are Quiet, But The Birds Very Loud
  • Erik Williamson - The Streets Are Quiet, But The Birds Very Loud
  • Erik Williamson - The Streets Are Quiet, But The Birds Very Loud

Escaping and becoming…

The infinite expanse of space and its fathomless silence is beamed through to listeners in this incredible sonic soundscape. The journey begins in the depths of silence, but the music, rusting and scratched at every turn by the light interference of static and white noise, has already taken flight. The music rocketed into the atmosphere and beyond a long time ago, travelling satellite-like through endless black, recording the unimaginable spectacle of space and relaying it back via Williamson’s recording.

The Streets Are Quiet, But The Birds Very Loud is next-level in its serenity. Its tranquil sound grows out from the silence, mushrooming like clouds of smoke and ignited fire from the launch-pad. Its gravity-defying ride takes in bright, shining stars, and Earthly problems suddenly seem smaller before slipping away completely. The music delivers a message from the Universe: don’t worry, it says, and it offers a benevolent safety net, cupping the listener in its hands as it travels on, discovering new treasures. The pressures and struggles of trying to adapt to, fit in with, and find a personal identity within the world are brought into perspective and subsequently relieved. This record is the sound of acceptance and peace with the self.

Like a vintage spacecraft, the music is covered in a silver film and supported by grainy imagery, but although the broadcasting harmonies are hazy and vague, being received later on a delayed feed, it’s still possible to make them out, and the drones drift on. The sunlight is also delayed, but it still reaches the Earth in good time. The music seems to suggest that everything will work out in the end, and escaping the struggles of today’s society brings the listener closer to infinite space. There are no shackles up above, and humans are made of stardust, so personal identity is tied to the Universe. The Earth may be searched high and low for answers, but they’re more likely to be found by looking up at the stars.

Made by hand,

This set of 5 notebooks (1 notebook per customer) printed on luxury 300gsm card stock are as absolutely beautiful, perfectly capturing the infinite beauty of Erik's compositions:

2 x The Night Sky notebooks cover the m.ost popular Northern and Southern hemisphere constellations. When you look up at the night sky, it will be the time of year that will determine exactly which of those constellations you will be able to see. Some constellations can always be seen in each hemisphere throughout the year (Ursa Minor and Crux for the Northern and Southern hemisphere respectively). Constellations were created to allow us to make sensible groupings of the stars and pass that information on through stories. This notebook set feature forty-nine of the eighty-eight modern constellation groupings.

3 x SpaceX notebooks are brought to you thanks to the SpaceX program commissioned by Elon Musk. Each cover is a colourful tourist poster from particular areas on Mars and it's moons and on the inside of each notebook a more scientific overview of each of the featured items: Phobos & Deimos / Valles Marineris / Olympus Mons.

Each notebook consists of 36 inner cross grid 120gsm pages / Accent Antique Magnolia 300gsm covers / 140x90mm in size. They are individually hand stamped and numbered.

Inside each notebook are 15 x vintage astronomy prints, 2 x page inserts from a rare collection of Popular Astronomy Journals, an American publication (1926 - 1929 ), double sided 'The Orbits' print, 2 x 3" CDs in various coloured windowed envelopes. Notebooks are wrapped in luxury 200gsm bellybands and scented. All of the above will rest inside stitched glassine waxed bags.

Made with love...



Written & Produced by Erik Williamson at In My Room Studio
Additional Piano Recorded at Alchemix Recording Studios
Mastered by Marly Lüske at Alchemix Recording Studios
Digital cover image by Erik Williamson
Design by Daniel Crossley
Thanks: Craig Tattersall / Cotton Goods