Felicia Atkinson – On Being Kind To Horses


Felicia Atkinson presents twenty five minutes of snowy drones inspired by Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem…

Hooves drummed, Seeming to say, Clip, Clop, Crop, Crap.Drink with wind, Shod in ice, the street slipped. The horse Collapsed On its cropper, Crowds of gapers Gathered, crowds Of trousers coming to a crotch on Kuznetsky Street. Gathered in a seam, Laughter tittered and spluttered. “A horse down, A horse has slipped,” Snickered the whole Kuznetsky. I alone Failed to add my voice to its howl. I went up And saw The horse’s great eyes… The street upturned And floating, The way he saw it…

I went up and saw Tear after large tear Dripping down his muzzle And onto his coat… And a moaning And animal-like grief Burst out in a flood, And, rustling, spread. “Horse, don’t you cry. Horse, listen. What do you think! Are you worse than them? My child, we are all To some extent horses. All of us have in us Some of the horse.” The horse may have been old And needed no nursing, What said might have seemed trite But nevertheless It lurched To its feet, Whinned and Moved off again. It went back to its stable, Stood content in its stall. Ans it thought it was A young colt again, That it is worthwhile living And it wasn’t bad working.







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  1. rrarrro says:

    Thanks and congratulations for another heavenly issue!

    I suggest a stop-press ‘On being kind to rabbits’ sticker!

  2. admin says:


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