Glacis – Lost Again On Waking


Lost Again On Waking – A Project in Music & Photography by Glacis and Heidi Kuisma…

Glacis is Edinburgh based musician Euan McMeeken.

Heidi Kuisma is a photographer from Finland now living in Glasgow, Scotland.

Lost Again On Waking. 4 sets of photographs taken by Heidi Kuisma sometime in 2009. 4 different locations. 4 very different sets of images. Documents of time and place. Interpreted by Euan as 4 pieces of ambient piano music to sit alongside the images. The sets/compositions are titled in both English and Finnish:

The tracks were written by Euan McMeeken. They were performed by Euan McMeeken and James Scott (Conquering Animal Sound/The Japanese War Effort). They were mixed by James Scott and they were mastered by Fraser McGowan (Small Town Boredom/Caught In The Wake Forever). A bonus track, the Fieldhead edit of “we walk long distances through silent sleep” will be available on the cd.

Limited to only 50 copies, the package comes with letter pressed covers in two different stitched fabric pouches (randomly assigned when shipped) along with a postcard in hand stamped envelopes, sixteen page photo booklet, bonus vinyl disk containing a one hour mix of delicate soundscapes all packaged with loving care into manilla stamped/numbered envelopes.


Having started playing piano, guitar and bass at a young age, Euan spent much of his late teens and most of his 20’s fronting Edinburgh band, The Kays Lavelle. He began writing ambient piano pieces in 2010 and upon the split of The Kays has focused his attention on these simple piano pieces.

‘Lost Again on Waking’ captures the simplistic beauty of the piano and merges it with atmospheric soundscapes and textures to create wistful memories of moments captured, never to be lost. Memories of time and place. Accompanying the wonderful photos of Heidi Kuisma, ‘Lost Again on Waking’ is a dreamlike journey exploring, through music, the images that we too often fail to share and the emotions that these moments generate. ‘Lost Again on Waking’ should firmly launch Glacis into the spotlight as one to watch in the future.





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  2. <3 awesome art phtography

  3. rrarrro says:

    Congratulations for another heavenly issue and many thanks for all your huge efforts!

  4. rrarrro says:

    BTW, very happy to see vinyl on a fluid release…

  5. Alex says:

    oday I’ve got this release here in Russia and I wanna thank all of Fluid Audio label. Fantastic package – its aroma is so pleasure 🙂 By the way, there’s no vinyl. It’s a bonus CD which looks like a small vinyl. Thank you!!!

  6. […] War Effort), and the rather stunning physical version available for about 5 seconds from Fluid Audio. The CD copies included photography by Heidi Kuisma and looked absolutely lovely, so very […]

  7. spiros koufos says:


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