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“Acoustic Tales”, the new release on Fluid Audio by Field Rotation, is more of a trip to another country than it is an album…

Where albums are generally collections of songs, this release is comprised of territories, each vast in scope – rolling hills, panoramic horizons and acres of fields. Each track is a full day in this wilderness – traversing hillsides, rivers and embankments, up hill and down dale. Each trip is undertaken differently, with the sun in the sky throwing different angles of light and illuminating hidden aspects of the terrain.

Christoph Berg built this world throughout a two-year period, with the stated aim of integrating the literary traits of Kafka and Hemingway into an auditory form, seamlessly blending cinematic character with a subtle and mature melodic personality. The restrained arrangements are draped around melancholic yet triumphant airs, representing a dramatic leap into the assured and dignified confidence of a skilled practitioner at work.

Nils Frahm at Durton Studio in Berlin has mastered the project from analogue tape, and the deep corners of the tracks are tactile and textured as a result. Assisting is cellist Danny Norbury, adding signature flair on ‘Tale 4’.

Continuing Fluid Audio’s well-established tradition of elaborate and bespoke presentation, the letter pressed packaging draws together themes found in the gaunt vignetted 20-page booklet with stunning photographic artwork by Antonymes. The artwork and music is also presented in conjunction with themed poetry from Estela Lamat, continuing her association with the label.

Also in continuation with Fluid tradition this limited release will be constrained to 200 copies, not to be reprinted.

The literary worlds Berg is channeling often represent alternate worlds to the ones we inhabit, reimagined as familiar but distant metaphysical versions of places in time. “Acoustic Tales” is the same – a window into a black and white slow motion landscape, embodied in a master class of modern classical composition, textural acoustic sound design and subtle electronic layering.







16 responses to “Field Rotation – Acoustic Tales”

  1. rrarrro says:

    Sounds heavenly!

    Congratulations to everybody (me and you included)!

  2. This is a great trip. Ambient with great development (as you probably know) with beautiful strings crossing through. Un-categorizable !! Maybe only in my world??

  3. Iceblink says:

    This sounds wonderful

  4. Alice says:

    I am lost for words!
    An intimate beauty x

  5. Bryan says:

    Will definitely do my very best to order this one when it is released. Wow.

  6. Tomas says:

    Based on the 4 available songs, Acoustic Tales is a heartbreakingly emotive and remarkably mature piece of work. Wonderful piece of art.

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  8. Seba says:

    This news speeded up my heart rate quite a lot. Good that the music will take it down for sure, if only i am lucky enough to get a copy. Loved Licht und Schatten, it was one of my top winter warmer last year.

  9. Frankie says:

    This is one of the most intelligent, sensitive and original pieces of ambient music I have heard in a decade. It’s bewilderingly beautiful, and the video is the perfect compliment to it’s restlessly shifting mood. I so hope I am lucky enough to get one of the CD’s on release as this really is nothing less than essential listening. Bravo Christoph; this is a stunning piece of work.

  10. John says:

    My copy arrived yesterday, and I have listened to it a number of times already, beautiful music in beautiful packaging, this is my first Fluid Audio release and it just makes me wish I had discovered your label sooner
    Thank you

  11. admin says:

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys 🙂
    If anyone did miss out a handful of copies are available here:

  12. jamilarov says:

    I dont really get the purpose releasing such a nice music only in 200 copies with no reprint possibility. Im trying to get a copy on CD but with no luck. Sold out. Cant understand your policy.

  13. jamilarov says:

    Why is this forum censored? You dont want to hear feedback from your customers?

  14. admin says:

    It is not censored as you can now see.
    I just do not have time to log in here every time a new comment comes in for approval.

    With regards to your comment…

    We do not have a ‘policy’ as you put it.
    Each release is hand made to the most part and it takes hours of work just to produce 1 copy! Now times that by 200 and you are talking about months of work with very little financial return for ourselves or the artist.

    Why do we do that you ask…

    Simple. We want to create something that is special not only from an audio perspective but also from a visual one. Mass producing 500/1000 jewel case CD’s in a factory will not achieve that! Ok it may bring in some extra £ but that is not what we are about!

    We do our best to let people know well in advance when a release is coming out and encourage those that are interested to join the mailing list to get copies early before the official date of release.

    Very sorry to hear you did not manage to get a copy. A vinyl re-print will be available later in the summer.



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