Hummingbird – Our Fearful Symmetry

Aliases are not a new concept – but the increasing cult of personality surrounding modern music, and the Amway-esque need to tie recorded output to a brand or package has certainly seen a rise in the use of them in recent years…

Hummingbird (not to be confused with the 70’s band of the same name) is the non de plume of an otherwise well known composer behind the album “Our Fearful Symmetry”, which defines elements within the modern classical genre. It includes subtle string arrangements mixed with echoes of piano notes, fused with hallmarks of the electro-acoustic genre – waves of static, white noise and field recordings tangle with layers of fragmented texture that create both the foreground and background.

From the sparse nature of opening track “Uncertainty in Copenhagen”, the album leads into a myriad spectrum of haunting environments both soothing and unsettling — a reflection of the modern neurosis that albums like “OK Computer” documented, and the veins that artists Max Richter, Peter Broderick and Machinefabriek continue to mine.

Hummingbird treads carefully on the line of fact and fiction, creating a solace of sound by both live instrumentation and automated means. “Our Fearful Symmetry” reveals beautiful and thought-provoking music, dizzying and imaginative in detail which will impart a self-conscious resonance into any listener.

Listeners drawn to the mysterious nature of the project will soon find themselves rewarded with a cohesive journey through 11 tracks that reward repeated visits, with rich reverbed soundscapes that are both familiar and distant. One can only hope that the person behind the veil continues to toil in obscurity to bring more of such material to the surface (even if it remains unattributed).

“Our Fearful Symmetry” comes packaged in handmade, letter-pressed sleeves. Each issue is accompanied with an original photographic polaroid slide, dating back to the 1940’s. The release is limited to one hundred copies and will not be made available digitally.


12 responses to “Hummingbird – Our Fearful Symmetry”

  1. Stuart Aldous says:

    Hey – i’d really love a copy of this – but how do i get one?? Can pay you pay pal or send cheque.

    Let me know mr fluid



  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Fluid Radio. Fluid Radio said: Now available: Our Fearful Symmetry […]

  3. Richard Bell says:

    just paid through the store, just making sure you send any correspondance to this email address, as i no longer use the one on paypal,


  4. Mica says:

    music is silence

  5. Jes says:

    too late : (
    at least I can listen to it here

  6. Iceblink says:

    My copy arrived this morning. Thank you VERY much for this gem.
    The packaging is absolutely incredible – a real piece of art in itself and the music is just superb. One of my best buys this year. Excellent.

  7. admin says:

    Glad you managed to get one in the end.

    Thanks to everyone else that purcahsed a copy.
    We hope you will treasure it.

  8. rrarrro says:

    I just received it this morning… both music and package are just like the look of the woman i love…

    my most sincere thanks for making this world (a bit more) wonderful…

  9. Storm by Night says:

    No official digital release, but scene release out now 🙂 since it’s not possible to buy this, I have zero moral problems of listening to these pirated mp3 files, even if they’re only vbr2 quality.

    btw. music sounds wonderful 🙂

  10. Dirtypineapple. says:

    Managed to pick this delightful gem up and one of the last too!
    Such a wonderful release and superb detail in the packaging.
    Many thank not only to Jeremy at Experimedia but to all at Fluid Audio,
    Many thanks.

  11. admin says:

    @ Dirtypineapple

    Glad to hear you managed to grab one and are enjoying.
    The next release by Hessien is round the corner.

  12. nz says:

    I want to buy this.please…

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